Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684
Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684

Core Values

  At BOTI we design buildings that respond to the needs of people and the environment. They have meaning. Working closely with our clients, we create places that are as intelligent and sustainable as they are memorable. The firm’s work is built on both a physical and spiritual contextual sensitivity, supported by evocative and economic design solutions that all serve to enhance life. Our designs are crafted to establish the balance between artistry and economics — timeless architecture that is as beautiful as it is functional.


  “BOTI is a design firm that brings together a diverse team of planners, architects, engineers, and interior designers, to help you develop customized solutions.” – Bo Hagerman, President



Impactful & Meaningful Design

  Joplin Sr. Center | Joplin, MO This featured project, Joplin Sr. Center in Joplin, MO, is the result of cultural and natural forces bringing together a community and a great project, as the result of tragedy, the Joplin  Tornado.

  This project was built on the ground of the former Mercy Hospital to in part heal the physical and psychological effects of it’s loss. As a result of a direct hit from the Joplin tornado. The project is a community center for senior citizens and also a community tornado shelter, it features various meeting spaces, game room, offices, and view of the memorial park.

Design Culture

  Culture means two things at BOTI. It is the way we operate, interact, and practice using our unique talents, technologies and convictions (our office culture). It is also the way those talents, technologies, and convictions affect the built environment, and in turn the way that environment affects its users. Literally we build society as we build our buildings and our buildings build us. Ultimately leading to an experience, an emotion, and a memory the stage sets for our lives become ingrained in our culture.


  It is ingrained into our culture and design processes. The resilient buildings we create contribute to the business success of our clients and to the health and wellness of their people. We track the projected energy performance of every project. Several of our designers are LEED AP and we have completed several LEED projects as well as having brought forward multiple green design ideas in all our projects.

Brand & Prototype Development

  Defining the heart of a brand is a big idea. A brand, is a promise made and a promise kept, ideally the functionality of the promise should be accompanied by an emotional response. Uncovering this emotional response, and the various elements behind the response, is the foundation of the design.

  Brand exploration to uncover a concept’s unique positioning and promise, leads to the design. The actual work of creating a new prototype requires translating the findings from the preparation phase into a layout that supports a brand in a way that is operationally efficient, affordable, and reproducible.

Modular & Panelized Building Systems

  BOTI partners with modular developers and builders to deliver quicker more cost effective solutions. Whether through modularization or penalization we know that the future needs of our clients are going to demand more for less, and we are on the forefront of delivering panelized and modular building solutions at all scales.

Master Planning

  BOTI master planning projects range across a broad scale of engagement, from small multi-site and retail developments within urban pockets to large mixed use communities. Our work is distinguished by its beauty, innovation, economic value, and the long term aspirations of sustainability, resilience, and adaptability.

  Master planning sets the table for the development of multiple sites and for the long term health of a community. Having a planning process from the projects onset will help guide and direct the project from conception and into the future.

Creating a Community

  Our planning philosophy is to seek community through creation of mixed-use development, interactive experience based retail, and spaces and experiences that evoke a memorable emotional response. These abstract concepts are integrated and interact with basic needs such as transportation, sustainability,
social relevance, utilities, and economic performance, interacting with various types of modalities.

  We are advocates of smart urban growth whether through life style centers, transit based development, mixed use housing, or integrated zoning. BOTI’s design intent is to create environments that are functional, esthetically correct, economically viable, and experience based for the end user.