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Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684


Architecture is about experience

Impactful & Meaningful Design

BOTI is a design firm that brings together a diverse team of planners, architects, engineers, and interior designers, to help you develop customized solutions.

BOTI has offices in Missouri and Arkansas, however we operate nationally and have staff working in multiple cities across the United States. We are passionate about our work, and are inspired by taking part in the collaborative journey of discovery with our clients, helping to foster creativity, innovation and visionary solutions. Our shared values come together around design, technology, culture, and service and solutions based on the following:

Service: Client centric and service based we strive to provide design innovation and talent at any level needed. Acting as a process based manager of projects we bring solutions and experience to make your projects successful. By having in house architecture, engineering, and permitting we are able to streamline these processes and provide a one stop shop for our clients needs.

Innovation: We bring the best practices from the AEC industry forward in all our work and uniquely in our Enhanced Integration Process. By collaborating in our design and construction processes and by sharing models we are able to reduce costs and change order requests, and therefore the resources needed for project delivery. Additionally, by collaborating with the construction team and keeping the models alive through the entire delivery cycle, we can create a digital twin which can become a platform for various endless possibilities.

Realization: In reality design and construction are a response to a series of needs and problems. We are a trusted partner to help bring solutions to these abstract ideas, and help our clients make those solutions real. At BOTI we bring innovation and success through quality and collaboration based solutions. Client based innovation and service helps to bring reality to otherwise intangible ideas and change the world for the positive on a daily basis. Together we build tomorrow.

(Note that a portion of projects listed on the website may have been work performed under a different corporate structure than Boti; by current Boti staff)