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Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684

Institutional Projects

Early Childhood Center in Nixa, Missouri

Institutional Philosophy

  We at BOTI thrive on designing educational spaces that adapt to the changing needs our clients are facing. Technology-driven, student-centered solutions have taken the forefront of new design thinking. Team-based learning and project-based learning are the norm. We see the design of 21st century academic campuses and learning environments as a pivotal opportunity to respond to a changing educational landscape across the United States.

School Design That Reflects Culture & Context

Culture is at the forefront of education design. Our past projects include elementary, secondary and special education facilities that reflect the unique culture and community of our clients. Every school we work with has a particular education philosophy and curriculum. They bring specific goals for integration with the environment and the community.

Our team understands the challenges and opportunities embedded in the modern school design process. Stewardship of resources is always at the forefront of our thinking. Working within budget constraints, we collaborate with schools and communities to design solutions that help them achieve their highest ambitions.

From Classroom to Campus to Community

We help make academic visions come to life through strategic facilities planning, the design of new classroom and laboratory buildings and renovations that modernize facilities. We work with diverse campus communities of many sizes, scales and cultures, including community and technical colleges, private institutions, and regional comprehensive universities. We first look to understand how the relationships between spaces foster community and teaching and learning goals. We then partner with our clients to develop responsive and inspiring design solutions that are fully integrated with the fabric of the campus and community.


Early Childhood Center (ELC)


Springfield, Missouri

Institutional Project Experience

Rutledge College Remodel (Rhodes Supply) at 1455 E. Chestnut

Drury College, Parking Lots at 900 N. Benton

SMSU – Laboratory Science Building

Drury College, School of Architecture

SMSU – Tri-Sig Sorority House

SMSU – Student Art Exhibition Center, Renovations

SMSU – President’s Reception Office

SMSU – Trade Center

SMSU – Hill Hall dark room

SMSU – Hammons Center Training Room remodel

SMSU – Temple Hall #154 & 155 Laboratory renovations

SMSU – Hammons Center General rehab

SMSU – Professional Bldg – Minor rehab

SMSU – Girls & Coaches Locker Rooms

SMSU – Temple Hall 428 Lab rehab

Ames, John – Prelim – Apartments at 301,305 & 307 South Street

SMSU – Sunvilla Tower

SMSU – Woods House

SMSU – Wells House

SMSU – Freudenberger House

SMSU – Hill Hall Rest Rooms

SMSU – Freudenberger House, West Wing

SMSU – Temple Hall Room #104

SMSU – Temple Hall/ Microscopy Lab

SMSU – Power House & New Boiler

SMSU – Hammons Student Center (Painting on non-slip surface for
bleacher steps)

SMSU – Sunvilla Apartment Screen Wall Repair

SMSU – Exterior Rehab, 920 East Elm

SMSU – Hammons House (light in hall)

SMSU – Carrington Hall (partial reno)

Harmon Glass – Ming / Merit Contractors

SMSU – Toilet Renovation

SMSU – Student Union Remodel

SMSU – Freudenberger House addition (4-story)

SMSU – Wells House addition (4-story)

SMSU – Student Union Stair enclosure & curio shop

SMSU – Campus Union renovations to the 2nd floor mens & womens rest rooms & corridor

SMSU – Applied Science Center

SMSU – Wells & Freudenberger “Wing Isolation”

SMSU – Sunvilla R.A. rooms remodel

SMSU – Sunvilla fitness room (SV6)

SMSU – Campus Union Cafeteria expansion

SMSU – Wells House restroom refurbish

SMSU – Freudenberger House restroom refurbish

SMSU – Student Government Offices

SMSU – Security System for Student Housing

SMSU – Energy Management System at the Power House

SMSU – Student Union Stairs

SMSU – Dogwood Apartments, paving

SMSU – New Student Union

SMSU – West Plains Dormitory

SMSU – Student Union (Joint Venture) – All construction drawings Ozark Technical College Cooking School

University of MO Extension Center – Mt. Vernon, MO

Vatterott College – infill space at former Consumers Store – South Campbell

Vatterott College Expansion – 3850 South Campbell

Drury University – Cabool classroom study

Vatterott Infill at Vatterott College, South Campbell

Blimpie’s Sub Shop revision – MSU Student Union

University of Missouri – Southwest Extension Center; Waste Water System

OTC Café and Bookstore

Tindle Mills for Drury University

Ozarks Technical Community College, Tindle Mills Temporary Student Parking Lot

Vatterott College – review plans at South Campbell location

Drury University – remodel Bay Hall

MSU Locker Rooms

Education Center for OTC – Waynesville MSU Rendering
Horace Mann Elementary School Addition

Horace Mann Elementary School Code Compliance Alteration

Mark Twain Elementary School Addition

Portland Elementary School Addition

Hickory Hills School, mobile classrooms add.

McBride School – review and stamp plans

Greenwood Laboratory School – remodel science lab, etc.

Springfield R-12 Public Schools – IT Department

Van Buren Schools – Restroom addition

Study Middle School Redevelopment – Springfield Public Schools

Day Care Remodel for existing house at 847 S. Campbell

Stancer, Howard-Day Care Center in Nixa, MO

North Town Mall—infill—North Town Day Care Center for Boand, Mary

Dally, LLC; (Lorie Lough) Day Care Cntr, OACAC, in Westbrook Center, Republic, MO

Loftis, Steve – Day Care Nursery, Ozark, MO