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Vantage Rooftop Bar at the Vandivort in Springfield, Missouri

 At BOTI, we create experiential destinations that touch the emotions of every guest. Our design team takes an inclusive, forward-thinking approach to create appropriate designs for our clients, their guests, and communities. We offer holistic design services including architecture, interior design, site design, and planning. Curiosity, creativity, and intelligence are the hallmarks of our design teams who balance beauty and performance in each environment they create. The hospitality industry is inherently in constant flux. Trending styles in the accommodations and restaurant markets demand updates and renovations. New projects welcome the excitement of the next great destination. We help organizations around the world navigate through changing customer expectations to create environments that attract a broad cross-section of customers. 


 Hotel Vandivort Phase 2 | Springfield, MO 

 Each phase of the Hotel Vandivort features 50 unique rooms. This sustainable LEED certified and award-winning project was a unique design opportunity.   

 The phase two of the hotel Vandivort was a very challenging design problem. Because the first phase of the project was landlocked there was nowhere to put the needed additional rooms. The owners and the design team decided to put the phase two next to the original building but make it respond to the same lobby and check in experience. The two buildings relate to each other across Robberson street.   

 The experience of exploring the hotel is really a journey from the original entry through the lobby and out again even up to the Vantage rooftop bar. Moving through the buildings is a unique journey with lots of great moments along the way.  

 The visionary leadership of the hotel owners allowed for the creation of a truly boutique hotel that could only be of this place and time. This project is the epitome of design influencing culture. 


Hotel Vandivort


Springfield, Missouri

Destination Hotels & Resorts                                                                        

 Our team understands different flags, brand standards, hotel business strategies, state-of-the-industry building systems and all that it takes to create extraordinary guest experiences. Whether new construction, renovation or the adaptive reuse of historic structures, every project we design receives the acute attention needed to create exciting new spaces aligned with the values and behavior of today and tomorrow’s diverse customer. For a full-service hotel or a destination resort, the opportunity for experience and special moments, because even more important and often the guest is on site for the entire trip. When it comes to the food and beverage as well as the lobby spaces of a hotel, we often design them with the entire community in mind, not just the hotel guest, as these spaces are activated and used by the community as a whole. We curate and create the correct guest experience through collaborating around the following: 

The Cliffs at Long Creek | Ridgedale, MO 

 The iconic Cliffs at Longcreek was the first phase of a major new part of Bluegreen, Big Cedar Vacations. This amazing lodge building is the worlds largest craftsman style building and was inspired by the work of the historic architecture firm of Greene and Greene. The amenity rich building has a variety of staying experiences and sizes of rooms. It also features two pools, a lounge, a speakeasy, and some of the best views of Table Rock lake. The massive craftsman style atrium is one of the industries most celebrated spaces. 


The Cliffs at Long Creek

Project Date



  Today many resorts want to offer the guests the opportunity for a longer-term experience and an opportunity to own a part of the development. This is often coupled with a larger resort which is open to the general population. Ownership adds a layer of exclusivity and privacy to the resort experience. 

 Paradise Point Resort | Hollister, MO 

  This award-winning building at Paradise Point is part of a complex of buildings done for Bluegreen, Big Cedar Vacations. The project focuses on amenities and an immersive experience. From the first moment of check in the guest are met with a large outdoor fireplace, an amazing view of two pools and Table Rock Lake. Custom large timber, milled and imported from the Pacific Northwest for the major structural beams, make up the massive frame of the 75’ tall interior atrium space. Flanked by guest rooms on either side, the amenities include outdoor and indoor pools, miniature golf, an owner’s lounge and coffee shop. 


Paradise Point Resort

Project Date


Hospitality Project Experience

General Hospitality Project Experience  

Point Needlepoint, Renovations 

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park – Patio Bar Branson, MO 

Landshire Foods Systems (Metal Building) 

West Side Boy’s Club Addition at 720 S. Park (See#213) 

Coach House Inn, 10 Unit Motel Addition at 2535 N. Glenstone 

Coach House Inn, Storage Building Addition 

Wild Bill’s (Joplin) for McLean Enterprises at  3405 Rand Line Rd. 

Frisco Restaurant & Dormitory at 507 E Kearney for Clarkland, Inc. 

Monterey House, Little Rock, AR 

North Town Mall—infill—Master Wong (alteration) 

North Town Mall—infill—Red Lobster 

South Oaks Centre – Clavert’s Cafeteria 

South Oaks Centre – Callahans 

South Oaks Centre – I Fancy Yogurt 

South Oaks Centre – Flying Dutchman 

South Oaks Centre – 3-in-1 Snacks 

North Town Mall—infill—Pizza & Yogurt Shoppe, (Food Court) 

South Oaks Centre – Valentino’s Ristorant’e 

Blue Lagoon (Schematic) Restaurant & Lounge for Salisbury, Stuart   Kimberling City, MO. 

South Oaks Centre – Whirl a Whip 

Wilderness Safari – Snack Shack  in Branson, MO 

Rhodes, Dave – Branson Motel  Schematic 

Lakeview Inn for Starr Hawkins; Lakeview, MO 

Howard Johnson’s Exhibition Hall (Door & Driveway) for Lee McLean at 2610 N. Glenstone 

Scottish Inn Motel for Bob Patrick and Clyde Brinley (in Branson, MO) 

Ramada Hotel, Hawthorn Park, new sidewalk, 2431 Glenstone 

Roark Resort Condo Health Club in Branson, MO 

Coffelt, Jerry – 62 unit Motel in  Branson, MO 

Belkamp, Mary – Branson Motel/Gift Shop, Marvel Motel 

Shepherd of the Hills, #2 – 62 unit Motel in  Branson, MO 

Whiteman Inn 

Roark Resort, Phase IV 

Hickory Hills Country Club New Entry Remodel 

Hampton Inn for Stange, Emil – 78-Unit Motel Chestnut Plaza – (prelim) 

Magnolia Inn,  John Fear,   Branson, MO 

Hickory Hills Country Club Pro Shop Remodel 

Expressway Inn; Snadon, Gary – 60-Unit Motel, Branson, MO 

Expressway Inn; Motel Expansion 

Martin, Eugene – 65-Unit Motel,   Branson, MO 

Ozark Valley Inn, 62-Unit Motel for Shook Enterprises, Branson, MO 

Ozark Valley Inn, 60-65 Unit Motel in   Branson, Mo 

Scottish Inn 62-unit Motel 

Gustafson William – Motel, Branson, MO 

Crystal Suites (Budget Inn) Motel, Anil Fulani 

Stevens, Ray – “Oasis” Hotel, Branson, MO 

Hampton Inn, George Patel, Topeka, KS 

Roark Resort, Branson, MO 

Hampton Inn, Primrose for Emil Stange 

Robinson, Lynn – 60-Unit Motel & Gift Shop, Branson, MO 

Mutton Hollow  (Master Plan) Development, Branson, MO 

Carriage Inn (Dave Skoglund) Motel, Branson, MO 

Roadsite Motel for Grace Chojnowski 

Chateau on the Lake, Branson, MO 

Rite-A-Way Motel, Larry Snyder, Branson, MO 

Rite-A-Way Motel, New, Larry Snyder 

Chesterfield Village Multi-Family + Multi-Use, Springfield, MO 

Chesterfield Village Master Planning 

Chesterfield Village Hotel, Springfield, MO 

Borup, Jerry – 120-unit motel – Hawthorn Inn, Branson, MO – Not Built 

Elks Lodge, Rockaway Beach, MO 

Meadows, Jed — 60-Unit Motel, Branson, MO 

Butterfields for Tom Thompson (prelim) 

Frieden, Lon – Motel, Rolla, MO 

Econo Lodge;  Patel, Bill (prelim)    Branson, MO 

Frizzell, Ben Theater (Proposal) 

Holiday Inn Express; Marshfield, MO 

Hampton Inn, N. Glenstone 

Budgetel Inn –  for James River Inns, LLC; Sam F. Hamra, Jr. and Gordon Elliott , S. Glenstone 

Hampton Inn, Lebanon, MO for Ramesh Patel & Amrut Patel 

Crystal Suites Pool & Spa  

Hampton Inn, Anil Fulani – Hwy 20   SEE FILE 1116 

Wingate Inn – new motel in S. Charleston, WV 

Holiday Inn Express; Lebanon, MO for Bill Foster 

Comfort Inn – Mt. Vernon, MO  for Anil Fulani 

Re-model existing building-pool & spa, Ryan Richardson (Job #507) 

Budgetel Inn – S. Glenstone; Restaurant site study for Sam Hamra, Jr.  

Hampton Inn, Reena Corp (Amrut & Ramesh Patel); Rolla, MO 

Holiday Inn Express; St. Roberts, MO for Victor Farris 

Comfort Inn – St. Robert, MO for Larry Burrell 

Rockbridge Trout Ranch – Conference Center – Ray Amyx 

Rockbridge Trout Ranch – Restaurant Expansion 

Rockbridge Trout Ranch – Office remodel; 2nd floor Hickory Hills 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza II – Hotel expansion 

Hickory Hills Country Club Swimming Pool 

Holiday Inn Express; suite addition – St. Robert, MO 

French Quarter Timeshares – 3706 West Highway 76, Branson, MO 

Hampton Inn – Rolla, MO for Steve Erhardt 

Super 8 Motel – Bruce Hardin, Clinton, MO 60 units 

Holiday Inn Express – St. Robert, MO; Robert Green 

Sterling Lounge –  201 South Campbell, renovation  

Hampton Inn – Clinton, MO  for Kent Cable 64 units 

Hickory Hills Country Club – Tennis Pro Shop 

Wingate Inn – Airport Plaza, LaNora and Greg Walker, Owners  

Hardin House Hotels – Bruce Hardin 

LaQuinta Inn, Airport Plaza (see 1618 formerly Wingate Inn for Greg Walker) 

Drury University – Bay Hall Renovation 

Vandivort Hotel – John and Billy McQueary 

Garden Plaza Hotel – Upper End Properties 

Paradise Point Resort Master Planning 

Paradise Point Resort Amenities Master Plan 

Paradise Point Resort Miniature Golf and Adventure Playground 

Paradise Point Resort Outdoor Pool Amenity Area 

Paradise Point Resort Snack Shack 

Paradise Point Resort Building 2 

Paradise Point Resort Building 3 

Paradise Point Resort Building 5 

Paradise Point Resort Building 6 

Paradise Point Resort Building 7 

Paradise Point Resort Building 8 

Paradise Point Resort Clubhouse Building 9 and 10 

Paradise Point Resort Sales Center Renovation 

Paradise Point Resort Refurbishment 

Paradise Point Resort Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion 

Cliffs at Long Creek Resort  

Cliffs at Long Creek Resort Amenities Master Plan 

Cliffs at Long Creek Resort Miniature Golf Course 

Cliffs at Long Creek Resort Outdoor Pool Amenity Area 

Cliffs at Long Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion 

Cliffs at Long Creek Pump House Expansion 

Cliffs at Long Creek Maintenance Building 

Falls Village Resort Exterior Rebranding 

Falls Village Resort Exterior Envelope Evaluation and Refurbishment 

Falls Village Resort Interior Refurbishment 

Falls Village Resort Stair and Walkway Evaluation and Refurbishment 

Big Cedar Wilderness Club Interior Renovation 

Big Cedar Wilderness Club Renovation and Addition  

Big Cedar Resort Exterior Envelope Refurbishment 

Big Cedar Resort Interior Refurbishment 

Bluegreen Vacations Club 36 Concept Master Planning 

Bluegreen Vacations Club 36 Rebranding Concept Design 

Bluegreen Vacations Club 36 Sales Center Concept Design 

Terra Lin Farms Master Planning  

Terra Lin Farms Resort Concept Design 

Shenandoah Crossing Master Planning 

Shenandoah Crossing Resort Concept Design 

D’Monaco Resort Property Evaluation and Inspection Report 

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