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Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684


Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Missouri

  At BOTI, we strive to improve the health and vitality of all the communities we serve. To do this, we pull from our design team’s expertise, including architecture, engineering, strategy, programming, and implementation. For each of our clients, we deliver compelling, efficient, and flexible solutions that balance beauty with performance. Our society has an urgent need for facilities that promote health, wellness, and equitable access. We design the physical space that supports this need. BOTI’s team help healthcare institutions navigate complex requirements to provide flexible and sustainable environments.

These designs are done with the philosophy of patient focused spaces that are both affordable and aspirational with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing the experiences of visitors and staff, and creating healthier communities. The Covid-19 crisis has shined a light on healthcare worker needs. Creating the best possible results for our clients and their stakeholders is no longer an option but a must in this life and death fight.


Hotel Vandivort


Springfield, Missouri

Medical Planning:  

Healthcare Planning is a subset of master planning and interior design.  As healthcare planners we bring forward the best practice of the industry and the innovations of our design firm to collaborate on a strategy that will best fit your hospital, ASC or MOB needs.  We have worked with both the Joint Commission and the advisory board to help stay at the forefront of the healthcare design industry. The BOTI team are members of: 

• The advisory board 

• ASHE: The American society of healthcare engineers 

• AIAH: The institute of architecture college of healthcare architects 

• AMGA: The American Medical Group Association 

• ACHE: The American college of Healthcare Executives


Hotel Vandivort


Springfield, Missouri

Multi Specialty Clinics

Cutting-edge and future-facing ambulatory design solutions arise through a combination of strategic business planning, sophisticated operational planning, use of simulation and metrics and conversations with leadership, clinicians and patients.

At BOTI we employ both data and market-driven strategies—identifying industry trends and designing spaces that will be able to flex and adapt for years to come. We bring the best practices of the industry to the table in addition to understanding the needs and wants that are unique to the project.

Primary care and specialties alike are seeing majority of patients in ambulatory settings as flexible spaces, technological advances, on-demand care and convenience collide. Consumers are expecting more convenient ways to see physicians and more control over their healthcare experience—while health systems are seeking ways to improve the patient experience along with technology and types of care. Healthcare isn’t just about treating illness anymore. A rise in chronic diseases focuses care on managing patients’ wellness over a lifetime. This shift has resulted in a growing demand for outpatient care, and higher acuity cases being pushed into ambulatory settings.



Hotel Vandivort


Springfield, Missouri

Hospital Renovations

For many reasons the model of health care is changing. We work with health systems to address the facility implications of this paradigm shift. We explore how care, education, and amenities, along with connections to the community, can alter the nature of ambulatory environments. We help redefine the patient experience in terms of relationships, interactions, logistics and space. We embrace tools traditionally found in retail experience design, brand management and predictive analytics to help our healthcare clients positively influence their patients’ behavior. By applying retail thinking strategies, our health clients can more effectively engage their patients, provide more timely care, and engender loyalty. This leads to improved health outcomes which in turn reduces our clients’ costs of managing that care. 

The BOTI staff have been helping our healthcare clients with hospital and renovation projects for 25 years. These projects vary wildly in size scope and complexity, but all share one major component, and that is that the hospital must remain functional and effective throughout the entire design and construction process.  Infection control, sound control, staging, and access can be major challenges to these projects. Often our goal is to integrate a new service line or technology into an existing platform. Whether renovating and entire floor, or utilizing new imaging technology or cancer treatments, we have considerable experience working with existing facilities. 


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Springfield, Missouri

Regional Hospitals

For the past decade, we’ve work with top medical institutions to capture a new vision for the built environment’s role in the practice of medicine. Through extensive in-house research, including post occupancy evaluations and convening we’re applying what we’ve learned to make our clients more successful, they include new adjacencies, new technologies and new work settings that support robust creativity and collaboration. 

Most healthcare organizations are similar: better outcomes, lower cost and a patient experience that’s second to none. We work with clients to rethink their hospital to achieve these goals. Using extensive research and data, we identify steps for improving existing facilities or setting the baseline for future ones. Knowing that technology and delivery models will change, we build in flexibility so that facilities can be updated with little disruption. Our goal is to design environments focused on superior patient care for the long term, with positive, productive spaces for clinicians and staff.  We use evidence-based design to create healing environments that help patients recover more quickly 

Our diverse expertise ranges from helping clients prepare for the next outbreak of high-consequence infectious disease to studying the community-centric hospital as an emerging model of healthcare in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods. 


Hotel Vandivort


Springfield, Missouri

Healthcare Project Experience

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Outpatient Entry 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Lebanon, MO 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Therapy Area – 200 North & South 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Meditation Garden 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Pain Management 

CoxHealth North Hospital – CoxHealth Freeman Health Management Systems; Consumers Building 

CoxHealth Hospital North – D Wing 

CoxHealth Health Systems, Inc. – Site study of James River property south of CoxHealth Medical Plaza II 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – 100 North & South Patient room upgrade 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Information Systems 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Green Forest, AR 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Oxygen Tank Storage – Slab rehab (also see C1335) 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Master Plan; 2nd flr 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Women’s Center 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Emergency Room/Triage 

Paradise Point Clubhouse, Hollister, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Business Office; HVAC renovation  

Bolivar Medical Clinic – Bolivar, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Pediatrics- receptionist desk rehab – 2nd floor 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Lab & Toxicology, new 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Ambulatory Outpatient Recovery 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Storage Building 

CoxHealth Monett Hospital – master plan 

CoxHealth Monett Hospital – Obstetrics 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Dr. Patrick Collins  

Ozarks Dialysis – Skaggs Hospital Medical Building, Branson, MO 

CoxHealth Monett Hospital – Administration (See #1396) 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Communications Dept 

CoxHealth Monett Hospital – Med/Surg (See #1396) 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – 2nd floor 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Radiology/Mammography Room 

CoxHealth Monett Hospital –Surgery; (See #1396) 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Outdoor Rehab Area 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Radiology Camera 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Senior Health 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Radiology 

Bolivar Family Care Center – 10 physician clinic 

CoxHealth Medical Office Building South  –  CoxHealth Fund Development 

CoxHealth North Hospital – K-400 Pain Management 

CoxHealth Medical Office Building South – Scott Larson, Inc. 

Ozarks Dialysis – Skaggs Hospital Medical Building, Branson, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Handicap accessibility 

CoxHealth Medical Office Building South – Dr. Cascairo 

CoxHealth North Hospital – FMCC; remodel entry 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Dual Diagnosis 

CoxHealth North Hospital – D-200; Burrell Behavioral Center 

CoxHealth Medical South Office Building – Drs. Claxton and Lay 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Psych Unit Lawsuit 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Dr. Rotton expansion of space 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Broadband Antenna 

CoxHealth North Hospital – K-400; Med/Surg (Betty Breshears) 

Foster Health Care – Branson Meadows-3rd flr add’n/1st flr re-do 

Foster Health Care – Branson Meadows-3 floors – revised 

McLean, Lee – Willard Medical Clinic at Green Meadows Shopping  Ctr  

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Steeplechase Clinic; expansion 

CoxHealth Health Systems, Inc. – CoxHealth Healthplex 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Northside Pediatrics; 2nd & 3rd 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – CoxHealth Insurance; 3 & 8th floors 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Security vestibules; 7th & 8th floors  

CoxHealth North Hospital –  Robberson main entry, enlarge drive 

CoxHealth North Hospital – J-100 Cardio Rehab Unit 

CoxHealth North Hospital – K-100 Senior Health 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Ferrell Duncan, 9th floor 

CoxHealth North Hospital – J-100 new Cardio Rehab Unit 

CoxHealth North Hospital – B & C-200 

CoxHealth North Hospital – F & G-200 

CoxHealth North Hospital – D-100 Bio Med Storage 

CoxHealth North Hospital – G-Ground; Detox Unit 

CoxHealth North Hospital – J-100 Camera Project 

Huffman, Inc. – Ambulatory/Surgery Center; Poplar Bluff, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Cassville, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Tower – 6th Floor 

Huffman, Inc. – Medical Office Building; Poplar Bluff, MO 

Huffman, Inc. – Medical Office Infill; Poplar Bluff, MO 

CoxHealth Health Systems, Inc. – Print Shop 

CoxHealth North Hospital – K-500, Injured Worker, Occupational Med 

CoxHealth Health Systems, Inc. – Corporate Offices to be located in CoxHealth Medical Plaza II, 3850 South National 

Huffman, Inc. – Hospital 

CoxHealth North Hospital – L-700 Antenna 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Dishwasher 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Highway 248, Branson, MO 

Huffman, Inc. – Cath Lab; Physicians Advanced Health Care, Poplar Bluff, Mo 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Cassville, MO AMBULANCE GARAGE 

CoxHealth North Hospital – G300; Adult Psych Shower Room 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Chesterfield Village; renovations 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Skilled Nursing 300 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Nixa, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Psychiatric Department – Lowther, Johnson, Joyner 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Fluoroscopy Room 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Waiting Room 

CoxHealth Primrose Place Rehab 

CoxHealth North Hospital – FMCC  

CoxHealth Medical Plaza II – Dental Oncology Clinic; (Drs. Goodin & Martens) 7th Floor 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Hwy 248, Branson, MO – Helicopter Landing Pad 

CoxHealth Medical Office Building South – Wound Center 

CoxHealth Hospital North – Diabetes Center remodel 

CoxHealth Hospital North – College of Nursing 

CoxHealth Hospital North – L-500 Long Term Acute Care Unit  

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – as-builts, Cabool, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – as builts, Willow Springs, MO 

CoxHealth Hospital North – Wheelchair lift 

CoxHealth Hospital North – Pharmacy remodel 

Republic Medical Clinic – Physical Therapy infill, Republic, MO 

Lebanon Medical Clinic – Physical Therapy infill, Lebanon, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Office Building South – Senior Health 

CoxHealth Hospital North – College of Nursing 

CoxHealth Hospital North projects to be relocated to CoxHealth Medical Tower:  Ozark Dialysis Unit, Diabetes Center, Occupational 

Medicine, Senior Health, Lab/Radiology, Coffee/Gift Shop, Entrance 

CoxHealth Primrose Properties 

Poplar Bluff Medical Office Building – infills  

CoxHealth School of Nursing “L” Wing Cost Estimate 

CoxHealth Orthopedic Hospital 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill-Drs. Moore/Vandingham, Suite #101-102 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill-Missouri Highlands Health Care, Suite #303 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill-Dr. Jones OB/Gyn, Suite #300 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Collins Point Plaza, Ozark, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – prelims (York Plaza), Marshfield, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Parking Lot, Nixa, MO 

Medical South Building – Dialysis Unit; doors 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Radiology 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill – Internal Medicine Assn, Dr. Michael Caldwell, 4th Floor 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill – Elevators and covered parking 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill – Pharmacy for Roy Winters, Suite #100 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill – Conference room for Michael Burcham, Suite #106 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza Parking Garage – Special Search 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill – Sleep Lab for Dr. Michael Caldwell, Suite #105 

Poplar Bluff MOB Infill – Visiting Physician’s Clinic for Michael Burcham, Suite #205 

Poplar Bluff MOB – Common Area Space 

Poplar Bluff MOB infill – Dr. Tyler Kramer, Optometrist, Suite #107 

Pilot Knob, MO – Missouri Highlands Medical Clinic 

Pilot Knob, MO – Iron County Hospital Medical Clinic 

Ft. Scott, KS Medical Clinic for Woods Supermarket 

Poplar Bluff Medical Office Building infill – Specialty Physicians Clinic; Suite 203 

Missouri Highlands Health Care – New medical clinic in Van Buren, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Move Pharmacy to J-100 

CoxHealth Medical Tower – Audit Compliance Department and remaining 7th floor shell 

Ozarks Prosthetics – new infill at 429 West Walnut 

SPS Blood Center 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Lebanon, MO; addition  

Poplar Bluff Medical Office Building – Suite 204 for Dr. Bush 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Willow Springs, MO; renovation 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Radiology, Rooms 6 & 7 

CoxHealth – cost study at Kansas & Battlefield for a new office building facility 

CoxHealth – new infill for offices at Price Cutter located at 2851 West Republic Road 

CoxHealth North Hospital –  K & L feasibility study/masterplan 

CoxHealth masterplan (see C2014) 

Bay Medical Clinic, Dr. H. J. Bains – 1000 block of East Battlefield 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Fountain removal, tunnels 

CoxHealth North Hospital – FMCC elevator 

Missouri Highlands Health Care – medical clinic at Ellington, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – study of fire and smoke walls 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Study for parking garage removal  

Apria Healthcare – 2127 West Vista 

Marshfield Clinic – Marshfield, MO 

CoxHealth North – Psych Waiting Room Expansions 

CoxHealth Wheeler Medical Building  – Fire Hallway 

Missouri Highlands Health Care – Shannon County Family Clinic, Eminence,  MO 

Missouri Highlands Health Care – remodel administrative offices 

Marshfield Ambulance 

Missouri Highlands Health Care – for remodeling the existing Big Springs Dental Clinic in Ellington, MO 

CoxHealth North Emergency Department Rooms in FMCC 

CoxHealth Hospital North – Residency Office to be located in the FMCC area 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Family Medical Center – D-100 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic, Nixa, MO – Addition & Remodel 

CoxHealth North Hospital – F& G -200 (combine with C2161) 

CoxHealth Hospital North – College of Nursing Remodel 

CoxHealth Education Center infill at Kelly Plaza – Springfield, MO 

Brooks Miller – A new Medical Clinic to be located in Marshfield, MO – Jordan Valley 

CoxHealth Monett Clinic – Minor additions – Monett, MO 

Citizens Memorial Hospital Nuclear Camera (438 sf infill) – Bolivar, MO 

St. John’s – Oncology –  Branson, MO 

ED-SGC CT Scan Replacement Project 

Mercy Smith Glynn Callaway Clinic (Master Plan) 

Mercy 2nd Flr. F Radiology 

Mercy H wing Mail-room 

Mercy ROi Consolidated Services Center 

Mercy Oncology OIC 

Physical Therapy Pool addition – Monett 

Psych Modifications for C-200, F/G200, and F/G300 

Mercy OSS Imagining 

As-Built Drawings – CMH – Dialysis Clinic 

Missouri Eye Institute Remodel (Creative Design Consultants) 

Mercy Heart and Vascular Hospital 

Branson 248 Super Clinic – Mercy Hospital 

Branson Site Study II 

Mercy Montclair ASC Planning – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Montclair Common Space – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Aurora Replacement Planning – Mercy Hospital 

CoxHealth North Psych Redevelopment – CoxHealth Health 

Mercy Smith Glynn Callaway Urgent – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Villa Skilled Nursing – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Branson West Clinic – Expansion – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Medical Records Storage – Mercy Hospital 

CoxHealth North Hospital – General File 

CoxHealth North Hospital – B-100 Family Practice 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic –  Monett, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Psychiatric Ward Ground F-300 

CoxHealth Surgery (Location??) 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Medical Records Remodel G-ground 

CoxHealth Medical Center, South – 7th Floor – Pediatrics 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Aurora, MO 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Geri-Med Remodel K-100 

CoxHealth North Hospital – L-600 

Medical Assoc. Pharmacy for Jim Hutcheson 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – 10th floor, Physicians Clinic Remodel 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Dr. Bright/Dr. Lin 3rd Floor infill 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Willow Springs, MO; Addition/ remodel 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Health Club Facility Remodel (2 new offices) 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Gift & Coffee Shop “K” & “L” Remodel 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Administration, 7th Floor; L-700 Remodel  

CoxHealth North Hospital – K-200 Remodel Physical Therapy 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Lobby Remodel 

CoxHealth Monett Hospital – Parking Lot (Hospital) 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Nixa, MO Addition See #764 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Master Plan (North Facility) 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza II – Dr. Canlas / Dr. Crabtree 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Seymour, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Green Forest, AR 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Dr. Fattman (remodel) 

CoxHealth School of Nursing 

CoxHealth North Hospital – South East Area of (Floors 1, 2 & 3)  Areas “D” & “E”; Renovations  

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Steeplechase, remodel 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Waynesville, MO  A new clinic 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Lobby First Floor Restroom Addition 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza II – Dr. Verona and Dr. Downs 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza II – Dr. Tenorio and Dr. Ashkenasi 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Ozark Dialysis Move to K-400 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza II – EEG Lab, David Wortley (Butler 1.5) 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Berryville, AR 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Lakeview, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Walnut Grove, MO: 540 N. Washington, Hwy 123 

CoxHealth North Hospital – Substance Abuse 

CoxHealth North Hospital – 1st Floor, Information System 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – 2nd Floor, North Side Pediatrics-Dr. Hornstein 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – 2nd Floor, Ferrell Duncan 

Mercy HR Expansion in the Lower Level – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Opthalmology Montclair – Mercy Hospital 

Lebanon GI – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Independence CMP – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy ED Prototype – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Rolla Super Clinic Oncology – Mercy Hospital 

CoxHealth North Firewalls/Fire & Smoke – CoxHealth Health 

Montclair Imaging – Mercy Hospital 

Roi CSC Construction Planning – Mercy Hospital 

Monclair ENT – Mercy Hospital 

Jordan Valley Medical Clinic Addition – Jordan Valley 

Rogers AR Master Plan – Mercy Hospital 

CoxHealth Medical Tower HIM – 8th Floor – CoxHealth Health 

Branson West Clinic – Mercy Hospital 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – 2nd flr Pediatrics – Drs. Pac and Richmond; addn & Renovation 

CoxHealth Pediatric Center – South National 

CoxHealth Family – Chesterfield Crossing – “South 50” CoxHealth Pediatric Center – South National; remodel 

CoxHealth North Hospital – K-400 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Pharmacy 

CoxHealth Medical Tower, North – Dr. Rotton  

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Urgent Care 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Foot Doctors 

CoxHealth Medical Clinic – Aurora, MO 

CoxHealth Medical Plaza I – Lobbies & Elevators  

CoxHealth Leadership Institute Renovation – CoxHealth Health 

CoxHealth Hulston Cancer Center Radiology – Lester E CoxHealth Medical Centers DBA CoxHealth Health 

Woodhurst Imaging Clinic Renovation – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Republic Clinic Renovation – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Whiteside Lower Level Medic – Mercy Hospital 

East Region Strategic MFP – Mercy Hospital 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Master Plan Main Campus- 2016  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Mercy South Master Plan- 2016  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Pain Management 2nd Floor Reception Renovation  

Mercy Clinic West Kearney- Springfield, Mo  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Hammons Heart Institute– Door Widening  

Mercy Hospital Springfield 6-D Patient Room Remodel  

Mercy Clinic Smith Glynn– Urgent Care, Springfield, Mo  

Mercy Hospital Aurora Isolation Room, Aurora, Mo  

Mercy Hospital Springfield 1st Floor Cv Echo Reading Room 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Mt. View Hospice, Mt. View, Mo  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Gi Lab Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Ed-Sgcct Scan Replacement Project 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Hwing Occupants Relocation  

Mercy Clinic Smith Glynn Callaway Clinic Masterplan  

Mercy Hospital Springfield 2nd Floor Radiology  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Hwing Mail Room  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Roi Consolidated Services Center  

Mercy Hospital Springfield Oncology Oic 

Mercy Hospital Aurora Hospital Relocation Masterplan 

Mercy Hospital Aurora New Hospital Design 

Mercy Hospital Lebanon New Chapel 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Or Masterplan 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Marrion Center Masterplan 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Children’s Ed Planning 

Mercy Hospital Springfield Heart And Vascular Planning 

Mercy Clinics Bolivar Multispecialty Clinic 

Mercy Clinics Branson Multispecialty Clinic  

Mercy Clinics Fluorescent 2 Pod Clinic 

Mercy Clinics Ozark 2 Pod Clinic 

Mercy Clinic Republic Road, 2 Pod Clinic- Republic, Mo 

Mercy Clinic Kearney- 2 Pod Clinic, Springfield, Mo 

Mercy Clinics Barnheart 2 Pod Clinic, St. Louis, Mo 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Master Plan 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Public Space And Wayfinding Expansion 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Women’s Center 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Cardiology Department Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Cancer Center 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Patient Tower 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Clinic Master Plan 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Dietary Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Emergency Department Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Central Utility Plant Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson New Imaging Department 

Mercy Hospital Jefferson Chapel Renovation 

Mercy Hospital South (St. Anthony’s) New Cancer Center Masterplan 

Mercy Hospital South (St. Anthony’s) New Cancer Center 

Mercy Hospital St. Louis Ballas Campus New Outpatient Center Master Plan 

Mercy Hospital Joplin Hybrid Or Projectmercy Hospital 

Springfield Dietary Relocation 

Mercy Clinics Rolla Clinic Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Joplin Infusion Center Renovation 

Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Master Plan For Addition And Expansion 

Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas 7th Floor Patient Room Renovations 

Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Public Space Expansion 

Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Surgical Floor Expansion 

Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas Patient Tower 

Mercy Clinics Springdale Master Plan 

Mercy Clinics Springdale Clinic 

Mercy Hospital St. Louis New Outpatient  

Center Concept Design 

Mercy Hospital Carthage Infusion 

Mercy Clinic Hillsboro 

Mercy Clinic Prototype Model 

Mercy Hospital Joplin Behavior Health Expansion 

Mercy Villa Skilled Nursing Facility 

Mercy Health, Wellness And Science Academy