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Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684

Housing Projects

Birch Pointe Health & Rehabilitation | Springfield, MO

Senior Housing has a large range including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing homes and memory care. All of these building types have their own challenges, but are often somehow connected with some or all of the senior housing components included.

In many states everything but independent care may require a certificate of need from a regulating authority.

At BOTI we consider it an honor to be a part of these important projects at all parts of the spectrum, in many cases this is the last home the residents will have and as such it is important to make it both functional and a pleasant experience.

Deep Elm Student Housing | Springfield, MO

Colleges and universities are creating student housing and residence halls that reflect the campus culture and act as social and learning hubs for students.

These spaces include all of the basics for living on campus, such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and cozy furniture. Where not directly developed by the Universities, private developers doing for profit student housing project often fill the gap.

The best modern residence halls include:

– Fully-outfitted common rooms where students can eat, relax, and study
– Outdoor seating areas
– Recreation rooms and athletic centers
– Community gardens
– Project collaboration zones
– Artistic design elements and mood lighting
– Acoustic design

General Housing Project Experience

Prof. Nursing Home, 120 Residences at Humansville, MO 

Rest Haven Nursing Home, at 910 4th S. Monett, MO 

Marcel apartment complex 189 units Kansas City, MO 

Davidson Home 140 units Kansas City, MO 

Quality Hill, Market and Low income tax credit, Kansas City, MO 

392 west Boulevard Kansas City, MO 

Volker Lofts Kansas City, MO 

The Lofts at Prairie Commons, Lenexa, KS 

Sparta Housing F.M.H.A. Senior Citizens, Sparta, MO 

Clever Senior Citizen Housing,  Clever, MO 

Ash Grove Senior Citizen Housing (masters used for FMHA Housing projects located above Job #200 in same drawer) 

Nixa Senior Citizens Housing in Nixa, MO (See #200) 

New Senior Citizen Housing for Ash Grove, MO 

Nixa Senior Citizen Housing Corp. Addn, FMHA Nixa (see 200 & 317) 

Foster Health Care-Add’n & Remodel Nursing Home, Mt Vernon, MO 

Balanced Care Nursing Home Facility – Denis R. Anderson, Project Manager; Mt. Vernon Park Nursing Home Facility (180 beds) 

Balanced Care Nursing Home Facility – Denis R. Anderson, Project Manager; Chesterfield Village (120 beds) 

Balanced Care Nursing Home Facility – Mt. Vernon Park – Physical Therapy, Phase III 

Foster Health Care; nursing home facility in Branson, MO 

Foster Health Care – Chesterfield Assisted Living Facility, 3-story 

CoxHealth Walnut Lawn – Skilled Nursing 300 

Bischoff, Leon – Eight-Unit Apartments 

Bischoff, Leon – Five-Unit Apartments at  600 Block of E. Grand 

Property Capitol Investments, 47-Unit Apartment at 917 & 933 South Ave. 

Sunshine Villa Apartments @ Sunshine and Holland 

Wooten Tal – Duplex 

Bischoff, Leon – Ten-Unit Apartment 

Coach House Inn, 16-Unit Addition at 2535 N. Glenstone 

Bischoff, Leon – Triplex Apartments 

Lucas, Wm. G.  Partners, 20-Unit Apartment at Ingram Mill Rd. 

Bischoff, Leon – Residence 

Delaware Development Co. 10-Unit Townhouses 

Bischoff, Leon – 6-Unit Apartment 

Coach House Inn, 32-Unit Motel for McLean Enterprises On S. Glenstone 

Oaks Apartments 120-Unit at 1200 Block;  Dan O’Connell 

Caywood, Jay – Caywood Apartment renovation at 408 East Walnut 

Hawkins Condominiums; Notch, MO 

Bischoff, Leon – 12-Unit Apartment Complex 835 South Robberson 

Roark Resort Condominiums, for Jerry Coffelt in  Branson, MO 

Humphrey, Maurice -12 Unit Apartment complex on  Grant and Madison 

Brinley, Clyde- 16-unit apartment, project abandoning 

Martin, Kay – 9 unit apartment  Republic, MO 

Richardson, Ryan & Teresa – 52 unit motel in  Branson, MO 

Richardson, Ryan & Teresa – 52 unit motel in Mtn. View, MO 

Richardson, Ryan & Teresa, RAMCO, Condominiums at Ponte Royale 

Richardson, Ryan & Teresa, Estate Riviera; 24 – Unit Condos; Branson 

Chesterfield Village Mixed use Master plan, Springfield, MO 

Chesterfield Village Apartments (S.L. Stinnett) 

Chesterfield Village Apartments Club House 

Chesterfield Village Apartments Pool 

Ozark Mo Apartments 48 units Ozark, MO 

Ozark Mo lofts 148 units Ozark, MO 

The lofts at 405 West Walnut Springfield, MO 

South Pier Lofts, Springfield, MO 

317 South Street, Springfield, MO 

Jarod Mixed use retail and 38 units, Springfield, MO 

Jared Housing Master plan 380 units, Ozark, MO 

City of Ozark Downtown housing plan, 280 units, Ozark, MO 

Cortex Lofts Masterplan, St. Louis, MO 

Cortex Lofts 260 units, St. Louis, MO 

Branson New Urbanist housing, 230 units 

The Timbers apartments master plan, Lebanon, MO 

The Timbers apartments phase 2, 88 Units, Lebanon, MO 

Park Place Apartments, Branson Mo, 38 units 

Hillside Homes masterplan, 160 units, Branson, MO 

Hillside Homes, Branson, MO 

Finley River Homes, Ozark, MO 

Condo’s on the Finley River, Ozark, MO 

The Henderson Resort, Master plan, Destin, FL 

The Cottages at the Henderson, Destin, FL 

The Henderson Condominiums, Destin, FL 

Park Way Condominiums, Panama City, FL 

Seaside Condominiums, Panama City, FL 

Waco Lofts Masterplan, Waco, TX 

Waco Lofts Visioning Study and SD 250 units, Waco, TX 

Wilhoit Lofts Springfield, MO  

Wilhoit phase 2 study, Springfield, MO  

The Ridge apartments, Springfield, MO  

Weaver Apartments, Springfield, MO  

Plainview apartments, Springfield, MO  

Plainview for rent Community Springfield, MO  

Walnut Street Apartments, Springfield, MO   

Commercial Street Lofts, Springfield, MO  

The Missouri Hotel renovation and The 420 lofts at Commercial Street, Springfield, MO  

Drury Student Housing, Springfield, MO 

Student housing, State Technical college  

Student Housing, Missouri Southern University, Joplin, MO  

Deep Elm, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO  

Deep Elm Phase two, Springfield, MO 

The Q at Missouri State University, Springfield, MO  

Greenway Studios Masterplan, Springfield, MO 

Greenway Studios at OTC, Springfield, MO  

Greenway Studios North, Springfield, MO 

Greek Village Masterplan, Springfield, MO  

Evangel Student Housing, Evangle University, Springfield, MO  

Grandview University Student housing masterplan  

Grandview University Student housing, Des Moines, IA 

Grandview University South Masterplan and Market rate Mixed use housing  

Wynwood mixed use, Miami, FL 

Jonesboro Sr. Housing, Jonesboro, AR  

Joplin Sr Housing, Joplin, MO  

Forest Park TBD, St. Louis, MO  

Kings Way Apartments, ST. Louis MO  

Ozark Mixed use building, Ozark MO  

Rivercliff Apartments, Ozark , MO 

Eagles Cliff Apartments, Lake of the Ozarks, MO  

Ozark Village mixed use, Lake of the Ozarks Mo  

Carter Apartments, Cape Gerardo, MO  

Bear Village Student Housing, Springfield, MO 

Spring Valley Apartments, Nixa, MO 

Indian Ridge Condominiums Branson West, MO 

Falls Village, Branson, MO 

Tera Linn Farms, Linville, NC 

Cross Creek, Hollister, MO 

Shenandoah Crossing, VA