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Contact Boti now Phone: +1-877-297-2684

Retail Projects

Brentwood Shopping Center in Springfield, Missouri

  At BOTI we have done various retail and multi-site projects ranging from face-lifts and updates to existing shopping centers to experience based power centers that have a variety of stores and restaurants. We understand the need for location, experience, and value as we design destination locations that are exceptional in the retail market.  Shoppes, restaurants, lifestyle, and fitness venues ranging from video game sporting venues to traditional stores, we are able to bring best practices of retail and entertainment forward to make timeless developments.

BOTI is your one stop shop solution for retail, multi-site, and branded prototype production. BOTI has done hundreds of similar projects and understands your unique multi-site challenges. In house architecture, engineering, and permitting allow for speed to market and the ability to keep promises while serving at the forefront of the marketplace. BOTI is your one stop solution for retail and multi-site needs.


Hotel Vandivort


Springfield, Missouri

Retail Project Experience

Gay Apparels Co., Inc. Manufacturing facility at Gainesville, MO

Murdock Associates Hearing Aid Center at 624 S. Kimbrough

Haik, John – Convenience Store

Clip Joint III – Columbia, MO

Farm Implement Building for Melvin Paint Co.  (Foundation Plan)

North Town Mall – Design Development for Centre Assoc., Inc.

Rhodes Supply (See#412) at 1455 E. Trafficway (See#231)

North Town Mall – Phase One

Tire Sales & Repair (metal) Building for Chuck Brown at 1661 E. Kearney

Holloway Machine Co., Addition at 1452 N. National

The Wood Shed (Metal Building) retail space for Pennco, Inc.,  305 E Erie

North Town Mall – Phase Two

North Town Mall – Osco Drug

Campus Toyota Auto Dealership at 2677 E. Sunshine (See #172)

North Town Mall—infill—Western Wardrobe

North Town Mall—infill—Hocklanders Jewelry Store (See#170)

Campus Toyota Auto Dealership Addition at 2677 E. Sunshine

Machinery, Inc.  Auto Shop

North Town Mall—infill—Dryer’s Shoes & Boots 1923-103 E. Kearney

North Town Mall—infill—Radio Shack1923-105 E. Kearney

Marshfield Casket Co., Marshfield, MO

North Town Mall—infill—The Athletic Department 1923-104 E. Kearney

North Town Mall—infill—Karl’s Pet Shop  1923-107 E. Kearney

Gift Gallery for Mid-America Motor Lodge at  300 Block East Sunshine  (Southern Hills Shopping Center)

Tommy Oil Co., Inc. Service Station at Scenic Drive

North Town Mall—infill—The Mark

North Town Mall—infill—T-Shirts Plus, 1923-101 E. Kearney

North Town Mall—infill—Hocklander’s, Addition

North Town Mall—infill—Arbeitman’s House of Diamonds

Sunshine Car Bath for Killian Construction Co.  3200 Block of E. Sunshine

North Town Mall—infill—Hush Puppies Shoes

North Town Mall—infill—Carter’s

North Town Mall—infill—Ortega’s (See #216)

North Town Mall—infill—Worths 1923 -107 E.  Kearney

North Town Mall—infill—House of Large Sizes

North Town Mall—infill—The Clip Joint (See #307)

North Town Mall—infill—Joseph & Sons

North Town Mall—infill—Gift Attic

North Town Mall—infill—Coles Bookstore

North Town Mall—infill—Olan Mills (See #228)

North Town Mall—infill—Franko’s

North Town Mall—infill—M&N Gift Shop (No File)

North Town Mall—infill—Hobby Heaven

South Oaks Centre – Shopping Center for Dan O’Connell & Phil Roper

Bank of Springfield (Centerre Bank) 5th floor office Remodeling for Herb Cohen Accounting

North Town Mall—infill—Smokey Mountain Meats

North Town Mall—infill—New Public Toilets

North Town Mall—infill—New Exit Corridor

North Town Mall—infill—Common Dining Area

North Town Mall—infill—Mirage Gift Shop for Gerald White

North Town Mall—infill—Apple-A-Day Health Food

South Oaks Centre – Clothes Post

Cushing Plaza – Revco, Cushing, OK

South Oaks Centre – Candy Shop (The Candy Box)

South Oaks Centre – House of Large Sizes

North Town Mall—infill—House of Large Sizes Addition

South Oaks Centre – The Peco’s

South Oaks Centre – Dale Dryer Shoes

Capital Mall—infill—Rapid Foto, Ron Rist, Jefferson City, MO

Shoe Corral

Mabe, Paul – Gift Shop

South Oaks Centre – Hocklander Jewelry Store

Fantastic Sams #2 at 1845 E. Turner

Cushing Plaza – Big Olaf, Cushing, OK

North Town Mall – Kiosks

Farmers Bank of Stover,  Gravois Mills, MO

Cushing Plaza – The Cutter’s Edge (Space #1)

Morrison, Dr. Dennis – Optical Office Shop, Montclair Center

South Oaks Centre – Greer’s Clothing (Ladies Clothing)

North Town Mall—infill—Savage Uniforms & Shoes

South Oaks Centre – Faith World Christian Book Store

Chateau Mobile Homes Parking Lot & Sales Bldg, Fremont & Battlefield

Cushing Plaza – Cato Corporation

Bass Tracker (Entry Sign)

Wizard of Eyes Kiosk in Tulsa, OK

South Oaks Centre – Flashback One Hour Photo

North Town Mall – Wal-Mart (Expansion and Strip Center)

South Oaks Centre – Unique Gift Shop

South Oaks Centre – Fashion Trends, Jerry Rathbone

South Oaks Centre – South Oaks Optical

South Oaks Centre – Fantastic Sam’s Addition

Edmond Plaza Shopping Center Broadway Ave.  At 33rd in Edmond, OK

Pawhuska Shopping Center at U.S. Hwy 60 in  Pawhuska, OK (See #304)

South Oaks Centre – Kids Plus

Durant Shopping Plaza, Schematic Site Plans

Ozark Fire Extinguisher, Inc. At E. Division St.

Stone, Terry – Jiffy Lube, Convenience Store Car Wash in Nixa, MO

Ramey’s Supermarket, Scenic and “M” – Shopping Center

Pat Rogers Ins., Home Interiors, Letsch Infill

Ryder Truck Letsch Infill

Cherry Glen Plaza

Ramey’s Price Chopper;  Remodel for Roswil, Inc., Marshfield, MO

Ramey’s Supermarket, Nevada, MO

South Oaks Centre – Cimarron Pottery

Morris, John Properties – Car Wash

South Oaks Centre – Wal-Mart Addition at Parking

South Oaks Centre – Restrooms

Ramey’s Supermarket, West Plains, MO – new addition

Monterey Center (strip shopping center)

Shepherd of the Hills, Shops

Steeplechase Shopping Center – Management Software infill

Hillcrest Shopping Center

Battlefield Mall—infill—Kitchen Express (for Tom Thompson)

Steeplechase Shopping Center – Management Software infill  (See #649)

Ingram Mill Plaza Shopping Center Jim Hutcheson

(A, B, C, D Infills for Ingram Mill Plaza.)

Smitty’s Supermarket #5, E. Battlefield & Ingram Mill Rd.

Steeplechase Shopping Center – Management Software add’n (See #656)

Eisenberg, Leo, American Title remodel

Steeplechase Shopping Center – infill High Country Market

Ramey’s Supermarket, Houston, MO addition

Precision Tune addition

Lil’ Smitty’s – Convenience Store (1,876 sq ft)

Smitty’s Supermarket #1, new front

Steeplechase Shopping Center – infill for The Difference

Steeplechase Shopping Center- infill Sundial Realty

Ramey’s Supermarket, Cassville, MO (35,053sq ft)

Steeplechase Shopping Center – infill Gamel, Ron “Movies of Steeplechase”

Ramey’s Supermarket, Elfindale (not built) Howard Stancer, Developer

Ramey’s Supermarket, Cassville, MO

Cadwells Supermarket, Sarcoxie, MO

Karsch Market (John Callahan) (41,212 sq ft) in Rolla, MO

Ramey’s Supermarket, Battlefield Road

Mulhollan Furniture Store, infills/millwork #755

Ozark Arts & Crafts,

Murfin’s Market, Willard, MO (see 753)  23,900 sq.ft. retail =9765 sq.ft.

Ramey’s Supermarket, Hwy “M”

Smitty’s Supermarket #3, Office/Warehouse Addition

Price Cutter Supermarket – Russellville, AR (Prelim) AWG

Steeplechase Shopping Center – infill, Payrite Pharmacy

Landmark Bank

Smitty’s Supermarket #6, Nixa, MO

Ramey’s Supermarket, Glenstone & Commercial remodel

Ramey’s Supermarket, Seymour, MO

Associated Wholesale Grocers Warehouse addition and remodel

Lil’ Smitty’s – Nixa, MO

Stinnett, Steve – Supermarket @ Old Montgomery GMC Lot, Springfield,

Ramey’s Supermarket, Nixa, MO

Green Meadows Shopping Center, Willard, MO Chuck Murfin/Lee McLean

Mulhollan Furniture Store, infills & millwork See #716

Hardee’s, Buffalo, MO

Horner Foods, Supermarket in Jay, OK

McLean, Lee – Shopping Center Prelim-Battlefield Road at Food Barn

Woods Supermarket, (Don Woods) Bolivar, MO

Smitty’s Supermarket #7, Joplin MO

Smitty’s Supermarket, Office Building 8,000 sq.ft.with 8,000 sq.ft unfinished basement

Ramey’s Supermarket, Republic, MO (reno’s canopy at strip center) Battlefield Village Shopping Center – Infill – Ann’s Hallmark,Steve Ripperger

Battlefield Village Shopping Center – Infill – We Care Hair, Ken Harden

Smitty’s Supermarket #10, Joplin, MO

Associated Wholesale Grocers Breakroom Addition

Ramey’s Supermarket, Webb City, MO

Hutcheson, Jim – Fremont Corner Shopping Ctr; Republic/Fremont Rds

Mulhollan Furniture Store, Addition to (Original Bldg  “716”)

Country Mart, Parson, KS  for Ron Kleier, an  A.W.G. member

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Kansas & Grand

Brown Derby, West Sunshine

Sherwin Williams Bldg, E. Battlefield – Infill U.S.M.C. Lease Space #108

Ramey’s Supermarket, West Plains, Mo See #631

Cash Saver Supermarket, for A.W.G.   St. Clair, MO

Video Store for Bill Beall

Ramey’s Supermarket, Pittsburg, KS Remodel & Addition

Rapid Photo in Fayetteville, AR (Renovations)  (See #307)

West Oaks Center for C.E. Atwell in Monett, MO (Schematics)

Morris, John Properties – Golden & Battlefield

Morris, John Properties – 3543 S. Campbell

Morris, John Properties – E. Sunshine & Ingram Mill  Road

Morris, John Properties – Sunshine & Scenic Dr (Chateau Mobile Home Site)

Morris, John Properties – Battlefield & Fremont

Morris, John Properties – Mr. Roberts’ Store on E. Sunshine

Morris, John Properties – Kearney & Hwy 65

South Oaks Centre – Heritage Book Store

South Oaks Centre – A Little Daring

South Oaks Centre – Peddler’s Two

The Clip Joint—infill—for Ron Rist, Joplin, MO  (See#307)

Cushing Plaza – “Something Special”

South Oaks Centre – Fashion Express

Brown Derby, 3315 East Sunshine

Wilderness Safari – Monkey House  in Branson, MO

Webster Gas, Schematic at Fremont & Republic Rd

African Imports (Shop not completed)

Webster Oil Gas Station Remodel at Kansas Expressway

South Oaks Centre – The Cutting Room

South Oaks Centre – Container’s Plus

Williams, Mac – Retail Metal Building for Vernon Davis in Republic, MO

Wilderness Safari – Ticket Booth

Wal-Mart Store Design for Clifford Gannon in Festus, MO

South Oaks Centre – International Travel Agency

Erie Plaza (Strip Center) at 300 block of E. Erie St

Marshfield Plaza Shopping Center for Buz and John Salisbury

Fletcher Shopping Center on Sunshine and Scenic

Salisbury, Buz – Laundry/Convenience Store at Fort and Grand

South Oaks Centre – Total Health Concepts

Sandberg Mall—infill—Mellers Photo in   Galesburg, IL

Smitty’s Supermarket #3, Battlefield @ Kansas Exp.

Webster Gas Skaggs, Alterations, 1735 S. Glenstone

 Central Mall—infill—Meller Photo in   Fort Smith, AR

Capital Mall—infill—Rist, Ron – Photo Studio, in Jefferson City, MO

Webster, Jack – Gas Station remodel Hwy 13 Kimberling City, MO Williams, Mac – Jumping Jack Shoe Retail Complex Monett, MO

Webster, Prairie View Shopping Center; Hwy 60 @  Hwy “Z”,  Willard, MO

Williams, Mac – Traxan Heavy Equip.Sales,Hwy 160 & Farm Rd 103, Republic, MO

Northpark Mall – Mellers 60 Minute Photo

USA Convenience Store #1 on Atlantic & Kansas

USA Convenience Store #2 on Fort & Battlefield

Webster, Jack – Convenience Store, Hwy “M” & Fremont

Westwood Shopping Center for Lee McLean on Fort and Battlefield

USA Convenience Store #3 on Plainview and S. Campbell

South Oaks Centre – Wal-Mart; Addn. to Store #444 (See South Oaks file)

Smitty’s Supermarket #1, renovation

Prairie View Bank, site schematic only, Hwy 160 & Hwy “Z” in Willard, MO

Killian Retail Complex at Venture Parking Lot Schematic

Laundry Mat at 1850 S. Ingram Mill Rd for  Ingram Mill Limited

Webster, Jack III – gas station remodel at 2545 N. Glenstone

Webster Midtown Center on Glenstone & Division, Convenience Store & Shopping Center

Killian, Joe – Shopping Center for Springfield Development Co; Eastgate

& Division (Schematic)

Viles, Jeff – Convenience Store on Sunshine & Golden (Schematic)

Murfin’s Market, Chuck Murfin – Supermarket & Strip Center in Ozark, MO

Aqua-Sports, Inc., Lease space addition 3601 S. Campbell

Thompson, Arnold – Strip Center addition Fort & Jefferson,  Nixa, MO

Mac Williams – Ozark Convenience Store

Patterson Floor Covering; 446 S. Campbell

Savers Federal at 777 E. Battlefield

Clip Joint School of Cosmetology, Inc. For Ron Rist at Stanford Plaza

Git & Go site Plan, Division & Clay

Capital Mall—infill—A Little Daring,  Jefferson City, MO

Morris Properties – New Laundry, Dry Cleaner, and Brown Derby at Fremont & “M” Hwy

Huff, Mr. & Mrs. Charles – Salon Plus

Queen City Motors (Missing #3 of 3)

Ramey’s Supermarket, Ozark, MO,  & Ozark Family Pharmacy, Leo Eisenburg Co. Devr. See 551 for Ozark  Family Clinic – Ramey’s Neighbor

Deerfield Shopping Center, Midland Group

Shopping Center/Motel Hwy 13 & 65 Bypass

Shopping Center, Blackman Road & Sunshine

Trimble, Karen – Beauty Salon, Ozark, MO

Gift Shop/Addition, remodel, Mary Belkham

Supermarket @ Marshfield/First Development

Meller’s Photo Lab

Steeplechase Shopping Center & Retail Development at

Republic Rd and Weller Ave., Leo Eisenberg Co. (prelim)

Harter House Supermarket

Steeplechase Shopping Center – Movies of Steeplechase

Steeplechase Shopping Center – Detention

Ramey’s Supermarket, 1901 E. Sunshine, Interior renovations

Earth Wonder, Fremont Shopping Center

Ozark Corners Shopping Center

Merced Boutique renovation, 322 S Campbell, Springfield, MO

Jared, Jerry – Cody’s Convenience Store #8, Bolivar, MO

Branson Pharmacy, Highway 248, Branson, MO

Cody’s Convenience Store #6, Nixa, MO

Gage Shopping Center – Hollister, Missouri

Cody’s Convenience Store #4; Hollister, MO

Carleton Company (Kevin Carleton) – Airport Plaza unsuitable soil

Price Cutter Supermarket – research

First National Bank, South National (Buerge) Preliminary

Price Cutter Supermarket – Webb City, MO fire exit changes

Harter House Supermarket, 1625 South Eastgate, Springfield

Battery Plus Infill – Elfindale Shopping Center, East Sunshine

Harter House Supermarket – Hollister, MO

Mertens Convenience Stores – Jefferson City, MO

Cody’s Convenience Store #5, Hillcrest and Republic Road

Jared, Jerry – Models of Cody’s #4, Hollister and Cody’s #3 at Airport Plaza

Jared, Jerry – Golden Pond Shopping Center, Republic Road & Hillcrest

Lipscomb, Larry – Brick Street Plaza, Ozark, MO

Jared, Jerry – Models for Cody’s #4 and Deerfield

Jared – Highway 14 and Crimson Development

Lipscomb, Larry – Convenience Store at Collins Point Plaza, Ozark, MO

Cody’s  at Glenstone & Portland

Gage’s Hollister Town Center, Phase 2, Hollister, Missouri

Sunshine Street Car Lot

Cribbs, David – Bigler’s Corner Marketplace, Bolivar, MO

Cribbs, David – Broadway & Dunnegan Shopping Center, Bolivar, MO

Cribbs, David – Shopping Center with Subway on Highway 13, Bolivar, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter Supermarket – Lease negotiations, Waynesville, MO

Jared – Chestnut Crossing

Jared – Willard Masterplan, Willard, MO

Jared – Cody’s – LaCompte & Kearney

Price Cutter Supermarket – outlet development, 4228 South National

Jared – logo

Robert’s Fine Jewelry & Art, Suite 4, Village Marketplace, Nixa, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Marshfield, MO

Mattress Depot infill at Lakewood Center


Hixson Drug @ Murfin’s Market, Ozark, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Greenhouse, East Sunshine

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Signage

Associated Wholesale Grocers – Review Albertson Stores in Wichita and Topeka, Ks for Gary Phillips, KC, KS.

Jared, Jerry –Deerfield General Store, Rogersville, Mo

Richardson’s Candy House – retail infill; Park Crest Shopping Center

Associated Wholesale Grocers – Review of Homeland Stores in OK for Gary Phillips

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Kansas & Republic Road; retail and restaurant

Jared, Jerry – Consumers Building #11, Primrose and Campbell – remodel

Glo Cleaners

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Property Evaluations

Cody’s Convenience Store #1; Highways 60 & Business 60, Republic, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Greenhouse(s)

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Property at Grand & Kansas

Citizens Union State Bank – Clinton, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Nixa, MO; outlot

Elfindale Corner, LLC; West Sunshine & KS Expwy – Mark Coburn, Managing Member

Smitty’s; Lebanon, MO – Pharmacy Pick-up

Price Cutter Supermarket – Retail Center; Republic Road, Springfield, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Strip Center; Republic, MO (Family Dollar, main tenant)

Smitty’s; Lebanon, MO – greenhouse

Cody’s Convenience Store #3; Kearney and West Bypass

Cody’s Convenience Store #2; Deerfield Complex; Highway 125, Rogersville, MO

S C Shopping Center facelift

Price Cutter Supermarket – 1730 South Campbell, renovation to former IGA store

Play It Again Sports, Bentoville, Arkansas

Country Club Shopping Center

Mace Town & Country Supermarket, Cuba, MO – Randy Mace

Village Bank ATM

Stinnett, Steve – Town & Country Subdivision, Ozark, MO

Quick Check, Elfindale Infill #1 – John Prinzler

Jared, Jerry – Airport Plaza Shopping Center, West Kearney, Springfield, MO

Jared, Jerry – Nixa Shopping Center, Nixa, MO

Matt Miller and Matt Miller – Strip Center Renovations

Lloyd’s Cleaners Addition/Renovation (see Job #185 – Goodyear East Sunshine)

Lipscomb, Larry – South Street Building (retail property next to Walmart) Ozark, MO

Bargain Barn

Price Cutter Supermarket – Greenhouses, various locations

Cody’s logo

ALPS Store, Mt. Vernon, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Kansas & Grand; Gas Station

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Drive Thru at Highway “M”

Walgreen Store – Scenic & Republic; Sansone Group

Countrymart Supermarket – remodel front of building; Hwy 125 &  Hwy 65, Hollister, MO for Girard

Brown Derby,  Lake of the Ozarks

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Ozark, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Nixa, MO

Peterbilt Trucks, Fort Smith, AR

Walgreen Store – National & Chestnut for The Sansone Group

Great Southern Bank, Branson, MO – Parking lot

Brown Derby, W. Sunshine; 4,000 sq.ft.  (Also see #1045)

Ramey’s Supermarket, New Madrid and Senath, MO

Empire Bank – Sentry Insurance 1st floor; Chesterfield Village

Empire Bank – Eclipse Communications;  Chesterfield Village

Green Meadows Shopping Center, Willard, MO – water detention

Ramey’s Price Cutter – E. Sunshine, remodel

Ramey’s Price Cutter – E. Sunshine, Pharmacy drive through

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Webb City; drive through pharmacy

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Highway “M” Drive-through Pharmacy

Ramey’s Price Cutter – HWYS CC & 65, Ozark, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – W. Republic Road (Hwy M) parcel pick-up canopy

Jared, Jerry  – Strip Shopping Center; Highways 65 and CC, Ozark, MO

Ramey’s Supermarkets – Cassville, MO; Addition and remodel

Jared, Jerry – Consumers Building roof; South Campbell

Ramey’s Price Cutter – East Sunshine; remodel

Ramey’s Supermarket – Cassville, MO, store renovation

Ramey’s Price Cutter – East Sunshine remodel; Phase 2 (See 1454)

Landwehr Market – Owensville, MO

Shoe Carnival – in former Albertson’s store, Joplin, MO for MoDoCo

Green Meadows Shopping Center – Lee McLean

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Marshfield, MO; remodel storefront and canopy

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Floral depts. (4)  Division and Glenstone; Kansas and      Grand; Republic Road and Republic, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Commercial & Grant Gas Station

65 Marketplace Shopping Center – Hwys CC/ 65, Ozark, MO Steve Stinnett

UMB Bank – Battlefield and National property

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Commercial and Grant – remodel

Murfin’s Market – Willard, MO; foundation and site study

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Grant  & Commercial/Convenience Store

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Kansas & Grand/Convenience Store

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Office Building

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Acquisition

Jared, Jerry – Hillbilly Bill’s, Rogersville, MO

Albertson’s Roofs

Farm Country USA – Paul Price, Ozark, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Greenhouse, Highway “M”

Chesterfield Village infill – Gourmet Kitchen Supply, Sharyn Wombles

Chesterfield Village infill – Building “E” Bed & Home Accessories-Rita Baron

Ramey’s Supermarket, Owensville, MO

Chesterfield Village infill – Cy’s Flowers

Smitty’s Supermarket #1, Restroom Addition

Morris Properties – Lightening Lube

Smitty’s Supermarket #4, Joplin, MO; N. Range Line & Turkey Creek, Remodel ext. and repaint metal fascia, Masonry block wall & block wall

Chesterfield Village infill – Homers & Hoops, Building “D” Lease space

D6 & D7 – John Anno

Schweitzer, Jewell – new office on E. Sunshine

Dillon’s Supermarket; Gerbes, W. Ash & Clinkscales Rd, Columbia, MO

Shopping Center in West Plains, MO for Turley/Martin  (See #1079) Pasta Express; infill in Smitty’s #7, Jopin, MO

Empire Bank – Chesterfield Village

United Missouri Bank in-fill at Smitty’s #5; East Battlefield

Chesterfield Village infill – Space B-102; Tom Arthur’s (new restroom)

Smitty’s Supermarket #11, Republic, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Monett, MO

Green Meadows Shopping Center, Willard, Mo. – Lee McLean

Ramsey, Don; LAUNDRY MAT at Apple Market; Strafford, MO

Lone Pine Place

 Brown Hardware, Mtn. Grove, MO  for Richard Ferguson

United Missouri Bank in-fill at Smitty’s #3; W. Battlefield

Haik, John & Lee; Ozark Adventures, Retail & lease space, 1300 block of East Republic Road, Springfield, MO

United Missouri Bank in-fill at Smitty’s #6, Nixa, MO

Consumers Market, Hollister, MO  Southtowne Plaza (Dan O’Connell)

Southtowne Shopping Center, Hollister, MO  (Dan O’Connell)

Murfin’s Market, Ozark MO., – addition

United Missouri Bank in-fill at Smitty’s #8; W. Battlefield

Ramey’s Supermarket, Republic, MO; remodel

Morris Properties – Bank & Commercial Space; Fremont & Republic Road

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Kansas & Grand; Changes & Revisions

Ramey’s Supermarket, Granby, MO

Empire Bank – FBI; Chesterfield Village

H & R Block lease space; Haik Shopping Center; E. Republic Road

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Marshfield, Mo

Ramey’s Price Cutter – Kansas & Grand & Loren; re-zoning

Fremont Center design comp

Jared, Jerry – Airport Plaza white box infill for Mailbox

Taylor, Erick – Shopping Center in Marshfield, MO

Trevor Audio, 425 West Walnut for Trevor Harlow

Randy Bacon Photography – new studio and art gallery at Monarch Machine Building, 225 South Main

Price Cutter Supermarket – 2900 E. Sunshine; new storefront

Family Pharmacy – Biglers Corner for B. J. Jones

Jared – Cody’s Convenience Store – Glenstone and Grand

Wilhoit Plaza – as built/final plan

Jared, Jerry – Cody’s Convenience Store #9, Mt. Gilead Road & S. Springfield Ave, Bolivar, MO

Atlantis Salon & Spa at Collins Pt Plaza, Ozark, MO for Kristin Morris

Gracie’s Formal Wear at Wilhoit Plaza for Andrea Alcorn

Black Suits infill at Monarch Art Factory

Cassie’s Garage Door Gallery infill at Monarch Art Factory

Mink Salon –  Battlefield Marketplace, for  Christy Field

Americlean Laundry infill – for Mark Frost – Village Marketplace , Nixa, MO

Americlean Laundry infill – for Mark Frost -Golden Pond Marketplace, Springfield

Natural Goodness for Pets infill – Village Marketplace, Nixa, MO

Ramey’s Price Cutter – South Barnes, new pharmacy

Cody’s Monett, MO

Pastiche Interior Décor infill – Monarch Art Factory, West College

Abraham Cosmetic and Laser Center infill – East Ridgeview, for Jon Abraham

Cody’s prelims – Republic, MO

Cody’s Convenience Store #33; East Kearney & 65 Highway

 Main Street Art Promenade

Cody’s Convenience Store #32; Kansas and College

Fremont Shopping Center new façade for Ataractic Investment (Murray)

Downtown Tans; Wilhoit Plaza for Julie Brandt and Angye Sawyer

Git-n-Go Site Plan

Jared Monett Shopping Center

Cody’s Convenience Store #30; Republic Road and Charleston

Cody’s Convenience Store #   ; Fair Grove, MO

Cody’s Convenience Store #18; South Campbell and Whiteside

Radio Shack Infill at York Center, Marshfield, MO

Food 4 Less – remodel storefront

Smillie’s IGA, South Glenstone – preliminary design and as-builts

Murfin’s Market renovation – Green Meadows Shopping Center, Willard, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Chestnut Crossing and West Bypass – new store

Cody’s Carwash at Cody’s Convenience Store #32, Kansas & College

Dan Campbell tanning salon in Collins Point Plaza, Ozark, MO

Woods Supermarket – remodel Price Chopper Supermarket in Sedalia, MO

Davis Cellular in Golden Pond Marketplace

Harp Group – New supermarket in Wynne, Arkansas

Mark Frost – laundry in Village Marketplace (formerly Blue Vase Realty space), Nixa

Restaurant for Frank Louviere, Ozark, MO

Samaritan Center Retail Space –Clinton, MO

Cody’s Convenience Store #    ; Battlefield and Moulder

Cody’s Convenience Stores awnings and canopies

Woods Supermarket – Buffalo, MO

Dillon’s Supermarket

Fremont Shopping Center Coffee House

Lasting Memories for Chris Gatley, Brookline, MO

Murfin’s Market parking lot/drainage for expansion – Willard, MO for Chuck Murfin

Price Cutter Supermarket – Cody’s site plans at multiple Price Cutter


Cody’s Convenience Store prelims – Carthage, Owensville

True Value located in 65 Marketplace, Hwy 65/CC, Ozark, MO for Steve Stinnett

Cody’s Convenience Store at Lowe’s, Highway 13

Cody’s Convenience Store Offices – Deerfield

Dollar General Store for Richard Taylor in Republic Shopping Center, Republic, MO

Morris – Harter House acquisition of highway property

Woods Supermarket – Sedalia

Food Pyramid Stores – new exterior design studies

Cody’s Convenience Store #19, Norton Road

Cody’s Convenience Store – Cox & Republic Road

Family Pharmacy – Lakewood Center

Cody’s Convenience Store Offices – Deerfield (re-use) Billy Long Auction House & Realty Offices

65 Marketplace – Steve Stinnett, Ozark, MO

Battlefield Plaza

Mark Coburn – Highways 65 and CC, Ozark, MO

Woods Convenience Store – Sedalia, MO

Murfin’s Market – Clever, MO

Battlefield Plaza – new exterior facade

Price Cutter Supermarket – National and Lark; renovations

Woods Supermarket – Sedalia, Mo; renovating former Price Chopper into a Woods

Fremont Shopping Center – Signage

Harter House Supermarket – E. Republic Road; renovation/addition

Jared, Curtis – South Street property

Woods Supermarket – Stockton, MO

Queen Nails at Airport Plaza

Jared, Curtis – Outland; to repair storm damage at the property on South Street

Tummons, Dave – new salon infill at 3657 East Sunshine

Murfin’s Market – Clever, MO

Murfin’s Market – Willard, MO; addition

Food Pyramid – 4818 E 80th, Tulsa, OK (see 1941 for references)

Cody’s Convenience Store’s Deerfield Offices

Shoe Warehouse (South Barnes)

Woods Convenience Store –  Sedalia, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Pharmacy in Waynesville, MO

King Shopping Center, Clever, MO for Bud King

Food Pyramid, 71st & Garnett – Tulsa, OK; new entry doors

Food Pyramid, 71st & Garnett – Tulsa, OK; new cash office

Furniture Store – Republic, MO at Price Cutter

Jennie Nail Salon – Suite D, 3250 East Battlefield; new infill space in the Foxgrape Shopping Center

Food Pyramid 64 – 71st & Garnett, Tulsa, OK – customer service renovations

Jared Enterprises, Inc. – info on projects we did for them to have for their website

Price Cutter Supermarket – Wheeler Bldg downtown; smaller store

Dillons Supermarkets – West Battlefield; renovations

Price Cutter Supermarket – renovations to store in Neosho, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – renovations to store in Aurora, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – renovations to 4218 South National store

Price Cutter Supermarket – renovations to the East Battlefield store

Harter House – new supermarket in Nixa, MO

Harter House – addition to store in Strafford, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – engineering at West Republic Road

Price Cutter Supermarket – Warehouse – 336 S Barnes

Woods Country Mart Supermarket – Greenview, MO

Signal Convenience Store – Scrivener Oil Co; Hwys CC & 65, Ozark, MO

Jared Enterprises – Shopping Center at Republic Road & Charleston

Price Cutter Supermarket – Joplin, MO (Store #57)Renovations

First Midwest Bank of the Ozarks – Van Buren, MO

Signal Convenience Store – Scrivener Oil Company; Mountain View, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Property tax correction; Republic, MO

Dollar General Store in Battlefield Plaza, Springfield, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Kansas Expwy & Republic Road;

Price Cutter Supermarket – Webb City, MO  new coffee kiosk (from Springfield)

Ramey’s – Monett, Mo  new coffee kiosk (from Nixa)

Lakewood Center – white box for Mark Coburn

Bancorp South – remodel 2030 East Sunchine location

Homeland Stores, Oklahoma – evaluate roofs and assess for any major repairs

Wilson Creek Strip Center – Battlefield, MO for Paul Larino

Ozark Town Centre III – Jared Enterprises

Staax infill in Carlson Building, 331 South Ave, Springfield, MO

Signal Convenience Store – Scrivener Oil Company – Marshfield,  MO

Paul Larino – changes in Price Cutter at FF and Republic Road

Petsmart infill for Jared at Town & Country Shopping Center

Layer 3 Technology – new infill space to be located at 2020 West Vista, Springfield

Texas Homeland Stores –Joe Codospoti, contact

Price Cutter Supermarket – Joplin, MO

Davis Cellular infill in the Ozark Town Center III for Luke Davis

Price Cutter Supermarket – Tulsa, Oklahoma remodel

Cody’s Corner study for Walmart Development, Springfield, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – #52 renovations – Kansas and Republic Road

Cody’s Corner for Jared Enterprises

Signal Convenience Store – Scrivener Oil Co – Canopy on S. Campbell, Springfield, MO

Ozark Town Centre III – Maurice’s Infill

Battlefield Plaza – Temporary vendor permit – for Jared Enterprises

Ozark Town Centre III – Moody Blue Infill

Ozark Town Centre III – Roll N Tobacco Infill

Ozark Town Centre III – Hibbett Infill

Price Cutter Supermarket #50 – E. Battlefield, remodel


Hickory Hills Center, Springfield, MO for Paul Larino

Grain Valley Center, Grain Valley, MO for Paul Larino

Price Cutter Supermarket – Carthage, MO

Price Cutter Supermarket – Commercial & Grant – study for possible exterior remodel

Country Club Center – Smilies (Curtis Jared)

Rodi Salon Infill – Fremont Center – Remodel interior design

Southern Hills Shopping Center – Site Study, storefront remodel – 3020 E. Sunshine, Springfield, MO for Jared Enterprises

Famous Dave’s Retail Center remodel on South Campbell for Mark Coburn Ozark Town Centre III – Fantastic Sam’s Infill

Aesthetic Concerns – Dr. Carolla – White Box Infill – 326 N. Boonville, Springfield, MO

Ozark Town Centre III – Fantastic Sam’s Infill

Price Cutter Supermarket – West Plains

Tractor Supply for Curtis Jared – Ozark – Preliminary studies

Price Cutter Supermarket – Joplin – Site Study for Andy’s Frozen Custard

Price Cutter Supermarket – Ozark wine center addition

Price Cutter – site study for possible new store at Kearney & Glenstone

Price Cutter – Joplin – Andy’s ?? – Joplin Sewer Extension

Carlson Building Remodel and Expansion on South & Walnut, Springfield, MO

Factory Connection infill at the Railway Station in Bolivar, MO

Weight Watcher’s Infill (preliminary permit work only) for RB Murray, 1350 E Battlefield

Missouri Career Center – in Southern Hills Retail on East Sunshine – Jared Enterprises

Price Cutter – Rendering – in Lebanon, MO

Gold Digger Pawn infill at 1433 S Glenstone – Country Club Ctr for Jared Enterprises

Price Cutter Express – Smilies Rendering

Joplin Liquor Store – Joplin, MO – Rag Patel

Signal Convenience Store – Scrivener Oil Company –in Mountain View, MO – REVISED

Sally Beauty Supply – Ozark Towne Centre II, Ozark, MO – gray box to white box infill – Jared Enterprises

Battlefield Plaza – Exterior façade renovation – Jared Enterprises

Youngblood Nissan – addition / remodel / infill – on S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO

Price Cutter #50 – East Battlefield (rendering)

Monterey Center – Rendering – 619 S. Glenstone, Springfield, MO for Mark Harrell

O’Reilly Bistro Market –

Woods Supermarket – Buffalo

Price Cutter Tulsa

South Oaks Pharmacy – Jared Enterprises

Jubilee Foods – Branson – Jared Enterprises

Entrance and Rental Counter (Reliable, Toyota, BMW)

Salon Renovation

French Quarter Retail – Meghan Chambers

Battlefield Plaza Retail Out Lot – Jared Enterprises

Davis Cellular Remodel Nixa  (John Payne)  (No Go)

Davis Cellular Remodel Ozark (John Payne)  (No Go)

Pharmacy Infill in Clinton, MO – Meadows Construction

Davis Cellular – Jared Enterprises

Price Cutter – Barrels – Joplin

Cash Saver Grocery Store – Price Cutter

Sally Beauty Supply – Bolivar MO – Cribbs – DCBC

Rue 21 – Bolivar MO – Cribbs – DCBC

Consumers Market, Bolivar, MO

Consumers Market, Fort Scott, KS

Battlefield Mall—infill—One Hour Photo

Escott’s Discount Foods #2, Cushing Plaza, in Cushing, OK (See #304)

Battlefield Mall—infill—Swiss Colony Shop

Consumers Market, Inc.

Cushing Plaza Shopping Center in Cushing, OK

Moto Fast Foto in Fayetteville, AR for Ron Rist (Dr. Fly)

Capital Mall—infill—Shoe Gallery,   Jefferson City, MO

North Town Mall—infill—Fun Attic Renovations